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Why does my opinion about cars count for something? Well I’ve driven cars all around the world and owned 39 cars, 6 motor bikes, a boat and a tractor. Still not convinced? I am sure I was bathed in sump oil as a child and my parents almost called me Harmonic balancer (what can I say mum was a bit of a hippy), my first girlfriend was called Mercedes and my second was Mustang Sally. I eat, breathe, and love all things vehicular. Here is a list of my vehicle purchases which must go part of the way to giving my opinion some street cred;

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+ Holden 1963 EJ Ute
Black. Started life off as a station wagon. 4 speed “H” pattern (had a few scary moments taking off with it in reverse instead of first!), red 186 bored out to 192 with a 179 head and a dumpy exhaust.
+ Ford XB Fairmont
Burgundy 6 cylinder with a 3 speed auto had both miles and kilometres on the speedo – was told that was because this model was intended for export to South Africa?
+ Ford 1985 Falcon “S” pack
Metallic Gold. My first car with Air conditioning! Automatic and I put a pop up sunroof in it – I was the coolest 19 year old in Burnie driving at night with the sunroof popped up!
+ Ford 1987 XF Fairmont
White 4.1 litre 6 cylinder. I drove this car to Broome and back even took it on Neds Creek Road Western Australia! Had well over 300,000 kms on when I sold it to a mate who drove it for another 50,000 plus kms
+ Holden Panel Van HZ
308 5 litre V8 manual “Sandman”. Even had the black velour carpet on the roof and mattress in the back. Always wondered how many conceptions occurred in the back of my car prior, during and post my ownership.
+ Ford XD Fairmont Ghia
Red with black velour interior manual 4.1 litre 6 cylinder. Spent a fortune on the motor (Yella Terra head etc) but didn’t get to finish the project before selling it.
+ Ford 1990 Mustang (USA)
White with black leather interior convertible 5 speed manual 5 litre HO engine with pony wheels. I drove this from Upstate New York to San Francisco – one of my all-time great road trips, would hate to think how many burgers and chili dogs I had. I had it stolen in San Fran 🙁
+ Audi S4 1999 (USA)
Silver manual B5. Only 7000 miles when I bought it. Probably one of the most fun cars I have ever owned even with the understeer. This car can make the dopiest driver look good.
+ Audi s4 2000
Black manual B5. Why did I buy another one? See above comments re. most fun car I had ever owned at the time!
+ Jeep Wrangler Extreme Sport 2004
5 speed manual with awesome overhead speakers and infinity subwoofer in centre console. Fitted some very powerful spotlights and had a ball driving it especially in summer.
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 (USA)
Dark Green. Had this for a very short time, found out the transmission was stuffed so wholesaled it at the Upstate New York car auctions. Loved the car so bought another one.
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006 Limited Navigator
Black Diesel, very nice drive, bought it in Brisbane and drove it back to Hobart – listened to an iBook on the road, Anthony Bourdain Kitchen Confidential (great book). Had the Mercedes Diesel in it so servicing costs were high – special low ash oil was required (WTF).
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8
Silver. Had a great bulbar, fitted some awesome Light Force spotlights and tinted the windows. First time I have ever regretted going really dark with the window tint – was very hard to see out of the back at night. Also V8 was one of the thirstiest I have ever owned, actually WAS the thirstiest I have ever owned.
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8 (USA)
Fire truck red. Had pretty funky cream leather interior – it grew on me, eventually. Also had a problem with the silicon packs binding in the 4wd system and it “crab walking when turning.
+ Jeep Cherokee Limited 6 cylinder (USA)
Red with some cool gold pin stripping. Found it quite different from the Grand Cherokee and found myself yearning for the smoother ride of its larger brother.
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee (USA)
Black Limited 4 litre 6 cylinder. Two things I particularly loved about my time in the US; 1. Not feeling like a big bastard for the first time since I was 17 yrs old (something special about not having to go straight to the back of the clothes rack at a store) 2. Feeling like a 6 cylinder 4 litre was underpowered!
+ Jeep Grand Cherokee
Burgundy 4 litre 6 cylinder with gold pinstripes. Looked very cool with gold rims and had factory side steps and a sunroof. Had a few electrical problems but I really loved the smooth ride.
+ Mazda 626 V6 (USA)
Burgundy automatic. Bought it off an Asian Uni student gong to Boston University – he wanted to get rid of it before going back home so I got it very cheap. Had a lot of poke for Mid-Sized Mazda!
+ Ford Focus
Silver Manual, a bit average on the go-fast side but boy could it handle!
+ Mitsubishi Outlander 4wd
Manual, White petrol. Pretty boring car but it was what it was.
+ Holden WB Ute
Cream coloured, manual 202 6 cylinder. Bought it from the auctions needed a slight bit of repair to the front guard came up a treat. Reliable old girl.
+ Holden VE SSV
Sunroof 6 speed manual. One of the coolest things about this car was the previous owner had fitted HSV centre binnacle gauges with a white background – really set of the interior and looked way better than the factory red led gauges.
“Sizzle” Red, manual with sunroof. After all the mods this is one of the best sounding cars I have ever owned or driven. Check out my full review on it here.
+ Holden VY SS Ute
Black with leather interior, yellow inserts in the seats and door panels (it grew on me – eventually). 6 speed manual. Lukey exhaust system – very loud and fun to drive although you took your life into your own hands driving it in the wet!
+ Ford Falcon 2006 BF XR6 Turbo
Silver with 6 speed ZF gearbox – one of the best Autos I have ever driven. My first exposure to a petrol turbo that was seriously fast.
+ Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo Ute
The car I did my first review on and loved every minute of driving it. The seats let it down but everything else was pretty much car porn!
+ Ford Bronco 1982 XLT
White 4.9 litre V8 with C6 auto. Myself and my mate who I bought it from (and who eventually bought it back off me) were convinced it was a 351 turns out it is a 4.9 litre. Sounded and looked tough as a pit bull on steroids. I spent a fortune and countless hours working on this beast – I still miss the old girl and the looks it got you. Check out my full review on it here.
+ Ford F100 4X4
Black with a 427 V8 (yes you read that right 427 Chevrolet – biggest V8 I have ever owned) dual fuel V8 C10 Auto Circa 1980. Took it four-wheel driving with some mates and they were all very disappointed at how well the F-Truck went. They were all chomping at the bit to have to tow me out of a bog.
+ Lexus IS 250 Prestige 2008
Gun Metal Grey. Mark Levinson stereo (one of the best factory car stereo’s I have ever heard!). Yet another of my cars that I have had that has handled extremely well but felt underpowered.
+ Mazda SP23
Silver. Luxury Pack with sunroof and Bose stereo 5 speed manual. Great car, not bad performance with basically a detuned version of the Mazda 6 motor, and handles like something else.
+ Mazda SP 25
Black. Luxury Pack with sunroof and Bose stereo. Manual, the SP25 felt a lot torqueier than the previous SP23.
+ Holden VZ Executive
Red 6 cylinder one of the few entry model cars I have ever had. I couldn’t help myself though and put a set of rims on it and a rear spoiler.
+ Ford Fairmont Ghia XE ESP 1982
Monza red and black. Manual, one of only 172 made in this combination. My 6 month project that I am now into my 4th year with! Check out my article on the project.
+ Rover 105 R 1958
A project that dad and I bought that I never finished. Suicide doors in the rear, 3 speed Overdrive automatic real solid wood in the doors – disappointed I never got around to finishing this project, would have been a very cool car.
+ Ford EF Fairmont Ghia
Gold/Silver Metallic. Tickford XR 6 motor with pace maker headers. Turned out to need a whole lot more work done to it than I first thought – did my dough on this one but it was kinda cool to drive in a big spongey lounge chair kind of way.
+ Ford EF Falcon
Navy Blue. The second of only two stock standard entry level cars I have ever bought. Put tinted windows and a rear spoiler on it to jazz it up a bit.
+ Range Rover 1985
Dark Green 3.5 litre V8 Manual. Had more oil leaks than an oil line running through insurgent territory. The mechanic told me you only worry with a Range Rover when you don’t see oil leaks – that means the oil has run out.
+ Mazda Flat tray truck circa 1980
Inherited this with the sale of my first house. Never missed a beat and was very adept at moving hay bales around the property.


Motor Bikes

+ GSXR 750 L model 1990
Stage 2 Yoshimura cams and exhaust, stage 3 Dynojet kit. First of the GSXR’s to have upside down forks.
+ ZXR 750 J model 1991
Upside down forks and snorkels running through the petrol tank (looked very cool). Also got a green tinted front screen.
+ ZX9R 1999 (USA)
Muzzy pipe, stage 1 Dynojet and Ohlins Steering Dampener. Bought this new in San Francisco and rode it to work every day for 6 months (after my Mustang was stolen). It’s a very strange experience riding on the right hand side of the road – no steering wheel as a point of reference.
+ ZX9R 1999
Muzzy pipe putting out 109 Rear Wheel Horse power. Loved this model when I had it in the US so bought a second hand one when I moved back. Last of the carburettor models which I really like – not a huge fan of the fuel injected models.
+ KDX 250
2-stroke trail bike – what a steep learning curve from my little KD80M! This thing was mental when it hit the power band. Loads of torque for a 2-stroke.
+ KD80M
Self-mixing two stroke. The bike I learnt to ride on it was bright green and I had a bright yellow open faced helmet – looking back I think my dad was taking the piss – I looked like a packet of M&M’s riding around the farm.



+ Swift Craft
200 horse power Yamaha 2-stroke. The rear of the boat had to be professionally strengthened to take the monstrous engine. It was like a jet ski on the water – very scary!!



+ Kubota compact
Front end-loader. Bought it from the auctions, did up my mates drive then took it back to the auctions and made my money back – wish all my dealings ended up like that!

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