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 A Bronco and a Granny Blanket Update

A story of a divorce, a personal trainer and a fishing boat

After a short time of enjoying driving the finished project the stars that were in alignment and brought me and my Bronco together decided to move and put a spanner in the works! My mate who had shed a tear selling me the Bronco 2 years ago called me and said “long story Frosty. It involves a divorce, a personal trainer and a fishing boat”. The conclusion of the story was my mate asking to buy the Bronco back from me. First rule of buying cars never get attached, enjoy them for their beauty, charm and fun times but never get attached. Oh how close I was to being attached to the Bronco, I had been through so much with her, I had seen her at her lowest of lows and her current lofty heights. We agreed on a sum that included visitation rights every second weekend and she was on her way up north. I was gutted to hear the Waeco had been removed and a dinky seat placed in the middle of the two front Recaros – how could I look at her the same knowing she ccouldn’t keep 47 cans cold any longer. I employed the services of a local Shaolin Monk who helped me “cut emotional cords” with my Bronco. He assured me it was ok to sleep with the old Granny Blanket under my pillow on cold nights or when I’m missing the old Girl. It was time to move onto the next project, time to see what happens when the stars get their shit together and get back into alignment for me.

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