About Frosty

G’day I am Frosty

I have been meaning to get around to setting up a blog for quite some time now.

I am a self-confessed motor head and love all things vehicular. If I Can drive it I am interested in it! I was reading car magazines while my mates were discovering Playboy and Penthouse. I want to use this blog to share my passion and love of all things motorised. I have been riding motor bikes since I was 11 and driving cars and tractors on the farm since I was 13. I have a licence to drive and ride almost anything from a forklift and a crane to Heavy rigid truck and a bus. I have owned 39 cars six motor bikes a boat and a tractor. Some of my best times have been riding or behind the wheel. I think there is every chance I was conceived in a car in South America when my parents were living there – which would go part of the way to explaining my love of cars! I have blown so much money on cars and associated things over the years and continue to make decisions with my heart and not my head when it comes to cars. Would I be better off financially if I had’ve used my head? Yes. Would I have as many awesome memories? Hell no! Besides I would argue it has been an investment in my education – I can tell you all sorts of useless car-based information such as you can tell if an XF Falcon is unleaded or pre-unleaded by the fact that the Unleaded had side indicators on the front guards, I can tell you the colour code Phantom for a Holden is black but for a Ford is purple.

So I’m hoping you are a fellow car nut who is following this blog to share stories, have fun and partake in this journey with me and maybe learn a bit along the way and laugh at our shenanigans.

Welcome to fullthrottlefrosty.com.au

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